Quality Statement

Jay Electricals objective and mission is to offer its customers the highest quality of electrical and customer services. We strive to meet the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Jay Electricals focuses on personalized services by offering convenience and competitive costing to customers. Additionally, we have a wide scope of electrical knowledge and skills.

Jay Electricals main factor of work is testing work however, when undertaking electrical installations we have a good range of suppliers who are able to deliver parts rapidly to decrease the waiting time for clients and ensures all deadlines are met.

Jay Electricals are committed to providing our customers, suppliers and employees with the highest quality of service and professionalism
Jay Electricals are committed to the timely completion of all our services ensuring we meet your requirements on time and within the specified budget.

Jay Electricals take pride in the professional quality of our work and high level of service we provide to our clients, ensuring that their needs are clearly understood, defined and met throughout the project. We are committed to achieving and maintaining high standard of quality in all aspects of our business and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers.

Electrical Systems